Wellness is a process of where we can actively make choices toward a healthy and happy life. The body and mind need to be healthy to lead a higher quality life. To achieve optimal wellness we need to manage stress, reduce the risk of illness and ensure positive interactions. As Physiotherapists we are optimally placed to set you on the right track and have an abundance of services to ensure you get there.


We offer relaxation and specialist massages:

  • Pregnancy massage
  • Scar therapy massage
  • Physio massage
  • Sports massage

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Wellbeing Group

Come and join us in our free facebook group covering a range of women’s health conditions including; pregnancy, post-natal, peri and post menopausal issues from Bump to Beyond.

Free physiotherapy advice, exercise, mindset, wellbeing and wellness education. A group to provide opportunity for discussion and sharing of questions with each other and experienced women’s health physios.

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Wellbeing Treatments

We offer:

  • Monthly mindset challenges (see membership)
  • Scar assessment and therapy 
  • Pilates and fitness exercises (see membership)
  • Pessary fitting service
  • Post-op recovery
  • PelviPower magnetic therapy chair
  • Mummy MOT Rehabilitation

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Mindfulness Course

A onine video physio- led mindfulness course full of education, advice and exercises to enable you to incorporate mindfulness into your life all day, every day.
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