Post Natal Massage in Manchester

You can be sure you are in experienced hands when you have your post-natal massages at Bump to Beyond as all our post natal massages are with specialist women’s health therapists. We are experts in massage and offer options for those ladies who want relaxation or for those in pain. 

Post Natal Massage Services

Massage during this special time of life can emotionally and physically support you. Your body is going through many changes and massage can help with healing and recovery, leaving you feeling refreshed to carry on being an amazing Mummy.

Post Natal Massage

This massage can support a woman’s needs. Whether you are needing ultimate relaxation, suffering with tight muscles from all the feeding and changing or just need a bit of Mummy me time. Our women’s health therapists tailor the massage to exactly what you need. This is a relaxation massage, for muscular problems, or more severe pain, please see physio massage or sports massage.


Reflexology is a lovely treatment to have in the postnatal period. It can help the body balance after labour, help to boost your energy levels, help to manage stress and have a positive effect on the immune system. In addition it is super relaxing and can be an amazing treat to yourself as a postnatal Mum. 

Soft Tissue Strategies for Diastasis Recti

Worried about the appearance of your post-natal tummy. Feeling stuck or restricted or noticed a doming in the abdomen. Still look pregnant?. Touch is a VITAL part of the healing process but is often overlooked in traditional rehabilitation. We believe that soft tissue therapy is an integral part of healing and that’s why we have a whole HANDS ON assessment dedicated to the tummy gap.

C-Section Scar Therapy and Massage

Scars are for life and must be LOVED. This means touching your scar and learning to massage and stretch your scar and surrounding areas. Massaging your scar is important as it can improve the appearance and overhang and also keeps the tissue around the incision mobile to avoid adhesions getting stuck to the tissues underneath. Our experts are on hand to help you to learn how to manage this area correctly and efficiently. Making you move, feel and look better. 

Sports Massage

Are you looking for a deeper tissue massage? Are you in pain from the constant feeding and changing baby? Then this may be the best massage for you. Let our therapists tailor the experience for you. All massages are tailor made to give you exactly what you want from the experience, all you have to do is ask!

Dawn is very knowledgeable and has helped me with some long term postnatal pain through various massage techniques and most recently diastasis recti/tummy gap physio. I have also used the pelvipower chair which has supported my pelvic floor recovery. This combination has been far superior to the NHS

physios I’ve seen for the pain I’ve experienced during and after birth. This has actually worked for me and I’ve seen the results in a short space of time. I know the cost is difficult for many with going private but the benefits for me have been great. The late evening and Saturday appointments are also convenient around childcare. Emily on reception/pelvichair is also an expert baby cuddler, my daughter enjoys a catch up whilst I am in the chair!

Mummy MOT

Unsure of what massage treatment to opt for or thinking you would like a full assessment of your pain or problem prior to massage? Then the Mummy MOT postnatal assessment is for you.

Postnatal Online Membership Package

Would you like postnatal classes to suit you and the baby. Specialist physio-led postnatal yoga and pilates classes to do from the comfort of your own home? Then our postnatal membership is for you and is just a click away, start today!

Why Choose Us?

– Our massage therapists are experts in the field of women’s health

– We tailor all the therapies to your needs

– We offer not only massage but specialist postnatal therapies

– We are friendly, love to help and support you in your postnatal journey

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