Pregnancy Massage in Manchester

About Our Pregnancy Massage Packages

When going through pregnancy, it is easy to forget to take the time to focus on yourself because you are adapting to all of the changes to your body. As such, Bump to Beyond are excited to offer our pregnancy massage and reflexology service that is designed to provide some relief and relaxation during your pregnancy journey.

Our specialist women’s health team, are trained to help you cope with the physical changes experienced during each trimester of your pregnancy, and our Bump to Beyond pregnancy massage and relexology service can help to relieve common muscle aches and pains experienced as your body changes, as well as easing symptoms of anxiety and depression.

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Who is Pregnancy Massage For?

Our pregnancy massage and reflexology service is suitable for women from after their 12 week scan. Throughout each trimester, you can experience different symptoms as your body changes, but pregnancy massage and reflexology can help to reduce symptoms such as anxiety, aches, and pains, as well as problems that may occur to your ever-changing posture and expanding bump.

From The 12 Week Scan

Our pregnancy massage service is suitable for women from after their 12 week scan right up until the day you deliver. Having a trustworthy specialist women’s health team who can support you through your whole pregnancy is a real benefit.

Reduce Anxiety & Improve Mental Health

As well as easing physical symptoms of pregnancy, pregnancy massage as many mental health benefits to help you feel your best. We’ll make you as comfortable as possible throughout your visit.

Support for Various Issues

Throughout each trimester, you can experience different symptoms as your body changes, such aches and pains, as well as problems that may occur to your ever-changing posture and expanding bump.

How Does Pregnancy Massage Help?

Combining the expertise of a specialist women’s health therapist with a pregnancy massage service can help women with the symptoms they experience throughout all stages of their pregnancy. At Bump to Beyond, we understand that each pregnancy is different, so we aim to support women with the following pregnancy massage benefits:

  • Reduced oedema through lymphatic drainage.
  • Relief of stress and muscular tension.
  • Reduced symptoms of depression and anxiety. 
  • Avoidance of varicose veins. 
  • Reduced joint pain caused by weight gain. 
  • Avoidance of constipation and haemorrhoids. 
  • Decrease in swelling in arms and legs. 
  • Stimulation of circulation to provide essential nutrients to both Mother and baby. 
  • Relief of back pain, pelvic girdle pain and symphysis pubis dysfunction. 

    Pregnancy Massage can massively help you get through your pregnancy, easing pain and generally helping you feel better.

    Dawn, Women’s Health Specialist for Pregnancy, Reflexology & Pregnancy Massage

    How Can I Book a Pregnancy Massage Appointment?

    If you are interested in receiving a Pregnancy Massage to help alleviate some of your pregnancy symptoms, don’t hesitate to get in touch today. Simply click on the book now link ,or give us a call on 07802517366.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Unsure about the benefits of Pregnancy Massage or Reflexology? View our Frequently asked questions below or contact us on 07802517366.

    What to Expect From Your Pregnancy Massage Appointment

    Your first pregnancy massage or reflexology appointment with us will normally involve a brief discussion about the symptoms you are experiencing and what you are hoping to achieve from the appointment. Our specialist women’s health therapists will then use the information you have provided to make an assessment and decide what they can safely help you with. If you are hoping to have a relaxing pregnancy massage, rather than one to alleviate any symptoms, this is also something that can be provided as part of our pregnancy massage service.

    Once the initial assessment and discussion has taken place, our specialist women’s health therapists will begin the pregnancy massage treatment. At this point, it would be helpful if you were wearing clothes that could either be easily removed or pulled up to access the areas of your body that you are struggling with.

    If you do not feel comfortable with revealing particular areas of your body, please don’t hesitate to communicate this to our therapists, and they will do their best to find a solution. What’s more, if you find yourself feeling uncomfortable in certain massage positions, let us know and we will change things up. We can use a tailor made pregnancy pillow to allow a forward facing massage if required.

    Can I Lay on My Stomach For a Massage While Pregnant?

    You can lay on your stomach for a pregnancy massage if that is how you feel most comfortable. However, our specialist women’s health therapists can also start the massage in sideways lying position, whichever is most comfortable for the mother.

    We also have tailor made pregnancy pillows on hand, if the stomach lying position is deemed to be the most appropriate option. The pregnancy pillow is designed to provide support to both the mother and baby.

    Is it Safe to Get a Massage When You are Pregnant?

    Yes, it is safe to get a pregnancy massage from 12 weeks into your pregnancy, but we would recommend checking with your consultant or midwife before booking an appointment. If you are in pain before 12 weeks, then we suggest booking in for a pregnancy physiotherapy assessment with our senior women’s health physiotherapy team. Every pregnancy is different, but your consultant will be aware if there are any reasons why you personally should avoid a massage.

    If you do want to have a pregnancy massage or physio in your pregnancy, we would recommend choosing a service that is provided by specialist women’ health physiotherapists and/or our specialist massage therapists.. This is because they will have the expert knowledge and training to know how to safely and effectively provide therapy to pregnant women. Whilst an everyday massage therapist might be good at releasing some tension in your shoulders, they may not be aware of the safest positions or techniques to use on pregnant women.