Pre & Post Natel Physio

The Tummy Gap

Diastasis Recti 
Separation of the tummy muscles is a problem that you may be left with as a result of your muscles not coming back together after you have had a baby. In some it can prevent optimal core function. It can often mean you can still look pregnant, months after giving birth. Physiotherapy can check for such a separation and if found, can assist in giving you the right advice and a tailored individual specific exercise programme to restore function and improve appearance.  

For assessment of the core please book a Mummy MOT

Pelvic Girdle Pain

Some women develop pain around their pelvic region or lower back during pregnancy. This pain can be felt in a number of areas but is most common around the joint at the front of your pelvis (pubic symphysis) and the two joints at the back of your pelvis (sacroiliac joints). This problem can also affect a number of the muscles that attach around the pelvic region. Physiotherapy can help to realign joints, assess your posture, prescribe specific exercise to strengthen muscles, give advice for labour and birth, relax tight muscles and much more.

For assessment please book a pregnancy assessment online.

Incontinence & Prolapse

Stress incontinence is the leakage of urine upon exertion (e.g a cough, sneeze, sport). Urge incontinence is the leakage of urine upon or immediately after your body tells you that you need the toilet, often resulting in accidents before you make the toilet.

Prolapse is the descent of a pelvic organ below its normal anatomical position. Physiotherapy can help to treat both kinds of incontinence and mild prolapses by giving advice and education, retraining your bladder and strengthening your pelvic floor muscle.

For assessment book a Pelvic floor assessment.