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About Our Classes

At Bump to Beyond we recognise that some women will want to continue to enjoy safe physio-led exercise classes for life. Changes to your body that arise in pregnancy or from birth may mean you no longer wish to continue with the same kinds of exercise that you did before you had children. Therefore our yoga, pilates and Healthy HIT training are designed for established Mums that wish to workout in a safe, effective manner.

Our Classes

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Healthy HIIT


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Mum’s Pilates


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Yoga for Mum’s


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About our Healthy HIIT Program

Healthy HIT provides safe and effective physio-led high intensity training workouts that are pre-recorded for you to do at your own convenience. Improve your physical fitness with hard-hitting, sweat-producing short bursts of high intensity classes. Choose from strength for Mums, run ready, core concentrate, core burn, cardio burn and many more…

Healthy HIIT Class

  • Safe and effective HIIT
  • Bursts of 30-60 seconds HIIT
  • Rest period includes Pilates exercises
  • Short classes for a busy Mum’s lifestyle
  • Ultimate fat burning
  • Classes run by Women’s Health Physio’s

About our Pilates for Mums Classes

Safe and effective physio-led online pilates pre-recorded classes for established Mums. Choose from back care classes, pelvic floor strengthening classes, release and reset, posture perfect, flex and flow and many many more!

Pilates for Mums Classes

  • Safe and effective physio led pilates classes

  • Short classes for a busy Mum’s lifestyle

  • Classes run by Women’s Health Physios’

  • Themed classes to target Mum’s weak areas

  • Database of classes updated regularly

About our Yoga for Mums Classes

Safe and effective online yoga pre-recorded classes for established Mums. Look after your body and mind with these amazing relaxation and strengthening yoga classes. Choose from energising and invigorating morning yoga, therapeutic yoga and meditation, guided meditations and many more.

Yoga for Mums classes

  • Safe and effective classes by physios’ and leading yoga expert teachers

  • Short classes for a busy Mum’s lifestyle

  • Themed classes to target where Mums need it the most

  • Database of classes updated regularly

  • Guided meditations to target the mind


Mums Membership Package

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Mum’s membership is a physio-led exercise, education and wellness hub that contains a vast amount of pre-recorded safe and effective, pilates, yoga and healthy HIT training exercise classes for Mums. In addition you are part of a community that takes part in wellness challenges, mindfulness for Mums, Mummy relaxation classes. You also have support from a team of women’s health professionals and receive discounts on our amazing massage services.

Why Choose Us?

At bump to beyond we deliver excellence as standard. Our team of professionals are all highly qualified individuals that have all specialised in the field of women’s health. Our passion is to help you set and more importantly help you achieve your goals. We believe if you put yourself a priority you will be in a better place to support your children, healthy happy Mum = happy healthy children.


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We are confident you will love our classes on our membership programme. However, if you have any questions, our friendly administration team will be happy to be contacted if you need any more information.