Post-Natal Membership


…that you are never going to have your old body back or ever feel like YOU again?


by being feeling tired, weak, and aching ALL the time but also feeling you will NEVER have the time or energy to do something about it?


of making things worse or worried that the exercise you do could be causing more harm than good?


…of putting your kids, husband, everyone, and anyone before YOU, feeling like you are ALWAYS the bottom of your priority list?

You are not alone!

Join our expert physio-led

LIVE like you used to, LAUGH without crossing your legs, MOVE without fear and LOVE all of your body’

What’s included?

Pilates, yoga and healthy HIIT

  • Gain immediate access to safe exercises to feel strong and confident, tackling those areas that need it the most, tums and bums! You are supported by our expert physio-led team in LIVE AND PRE-RECORDED EXERCISE CLASSES exercising with ladies that are going through what you are going through. 5 x live classes per week including post-natal Pilates. 

Access to women’s health professionals

  • You will have access to live Q and A’s with women’s health physiotherapists, nutritionist, post-natal mental health councillor, breast-feeding support and more. Feel supported by some of the best experts in the industry.

Advice and education

  • Gain knowledge and feel empowered by having access to presentations to self-manage common areas and problems such as how to tackle the mummy tummy, wetting yourself, help I may have a prolapse, why scar massage is essential! Access to these resources is just a click away.

Discounted massages

  • We are also on hand to help you tackle those aches, pains as we are giving our members up-to £20 discount per massage (with our specialist physiotherapists) in our women’s health clinic in Sale, Cheshire.

Be part of a community

  • We know how important it is to be part of a community of Mums to chat, boost morale, support and cheer each other on. We got you mama, we are all here, in it together at this truly beautiful (but ridiculously hard) time of your life.

Specialist monthly classes

  • You will get to indulge and really treat yourself (you deserve it mama) with specialist monthly classes e.g., ultimate melt Pilates, post-natal yoga for bottle and breast feeding Mums, pilates for mental health…. heal your body and get fit again.

Mindset, mindfulness and wellness challenges

  • You will learn to make yourself a priority to ensure you can be a happy, healthy Mummy….. as in our membership you will access a mindfulness course, wellness challenges, specialist relaxation classes. Keeping your mind healthy and your body energised.

      10 exclusive places only per month

      Sign up to LIVE like you used to, LAUGH without crossing your legs, MOVE without fear and LOVE all of your body’
      We have real results, tried and tested, we just know you are going to love it.

      PLEASE NOTE- T & C’s
      We just know you are going to love our membership. You will be charged £29.95 a month until cancelled, membership can be cancelled at any time from your account page.

      Once you have signed-up please check your welcome email for all the details. If you have not received this please contact us here