Pregnancy Physio

Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP)

Some women develop pain around their pelvic region or lower back during pregnancy. This pain can be felt in a number of areas but is most common around the joint at the front of your pelvis (pubic symphysis) and the two joints at the back of your pelvis (sacroiliac joints). This problem can also affect a number of the muscles that attach around the pelvic region. Physiotherapy can help to assess your current lifestyle and establish any risk factors that maybe driving into your pain. We will give you the right advice and education, postural support,  advice on the provision of support belts, prescribe specific exercises, strengthen muscles, give advice for labour and birth, manual therapy where appropriate and help tight muscles release.

For assessment please book a pregnancy assessment online.

Incontinence in pregnancy

Stress incontinence is the leakage of urine upon exertion (e.g. a cough, sneeze, sport) and this may start to occur when you are pregnant, which may leave you feeling worried or embarrassed. You may also find you are going to the toilet allot more and may need the advice on what is normal and what is not. Physiotherapy can put your mind at ease as we can answer all your questions and we can start you on a personalised pelvic floor programme that is tailored individually for you.

For assessment book a Pelvic floor assessment. 

Back pain in pregnancy

Back pain can be very common in pregnancy, that doesn’t mean that it is normal or should be simply put up with! At Bump to Beyond we provide a full assessment of your pain, give the right advice, education, exercise and hands on treatment to get you moving and feeling better, even after just one session!

For assessment please book a pregnancy assessment online.