Post natal services

About our post-natal services

Bump to Beyond offer a wide variety of post-natal physio, fitness and wellness services in Sale, Cheshire, Greater Manchester.  From post-natal assessments to post-partum Pilates and massage .We’re here to support you through your journey. 


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     Services offered for our post- partum clients

    • Diastasis recti rehabilitation (tummy gap)
    • Pelvic floor weakness
    • Mummy MOTs
    • C section scar check and massage
    • Perineal trauma
    • Post-partum pain
    • Post-partum massage
    • Post-natal pilates

    Post Natal Services

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    Post Natal Physio

    Scar Therapy

    Post Natal Massage

    Yoga & Pilates

    Mummy MOT

    The Mummy MOT is a postnatal physiotherapy checkup that can be performed between 6 weeks and 6 years after giving birth. Our specialist women’s health physiotherapists can perform a general checkup, or tailor their assessments to your individual circumstances and concerns, and provide answers to all of your postnatal questions. 

    Post Natal Membership

    To help make things just a little bit easier for our ladies, we offer membership packages. Included in each package is access to a range of physiotherapy services, live and pre-recorded exercise classes, specialist monthly classes, access to experienced women’s health physiotherapists, advice and education, discounted massages, and access to a super supportive community of mums and mums-to-be. 

    I had my Mummy MOT  6 months after giving birth, and went on to have 6 further sessions with Debs, working on weaknesses she’d identified in my first session, regaining strength and getting rid of lingering PGP that I’d experienced throughout pregnancy & postpartum. She was so friendly and professional, made me feel at ease and comfortable. I’m now able to get back to exercise and I’m no longer experiencing the every day achyness and pain that I had been, and I’m equipped with the exercises and stretches I need to remain pain-free. So happy with my experience and would recommend to all new mums!

    Hattie Baker