Soft tissue therapy for Diastasis Recti in Manchester

Diastasis Recti, tummy muscle separation, or tummy gap, are terms which describe the widening and thinning of the connective tissue (linea alba) creating a separation of the tummy muscles. In later stage pregnancy this is a normal process and even up-to 8 weeks post-partum you could still expect a degree of separation. However after this point if you still feel that you look pregnant, are seeing a doming or coning shape in the abdomen, feel weak or just suspect a tummy gap then read on.

At Bump to Beyond we have a revolutionary way to heal Diastasis Recti. We are proud to offer a full body approach to healing the tummy gap. Touch is a VITAL part of the healing process but is often overlooked in traditional rehabilitation. We believe that soft tissue therapy is an integral part along with movement and exercise prescription for Diastasis Rehab. Our rehab is unique as it combines hands-on treatment, specialist bespoke exercises, combined with the right specialist advice!

What Will My Diastasis Recti Assessment Entail?

– Thorough 60 minute assessment with your specialist therapist

– Discussion regarding your diastasis recti and its impact on you

– Full body check assessment, breathing assessment & correction.

– Soft tissue techniques, connection and release work

– Bespoke programme to restore your core

– Referral onto Women’s Health physiotherapist as appropriate

– Before and after pictures to monitor your progress

– Homework for in between sessions

Normally a minimum of  6 sessions are advised to see the best results. However our experts will advise you on what YOU need based on findings on initial assessment.

“After my diastasis assessment I felt really positive that something could be done about my diastasis recti. Dawn is an excellent listener, we set some goals and she explained my treatment plan and after just one session I could already breathe better and move better, can’t wait for the rest of my rehab”

– Jenny Ferris

Why Choose Us?

– We offer a hands-on approach, making us unique to NHS services.

 – We are all trained by the best women’s health experts in the world.

– We change people’s lives, supporting our ladies to achieve their post-natal goals

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