Massage therapies

 Pregnancy Massage

You can be sure you are in experienced hands when you have your pregnancy massages at Bump to Beyond as all our pregnancy massages are with specialist women’s health physiotherapists. We are experts in pregnancy massage and offer option for those who want relaxation or for those in pain. We use a tailor made pregnancy pillow to allow a forward facing massage if required. Pregnancy Massage is of benefit to the mother and the unborn baby. Massage during this special time of life can emotionally and physiologically support you. Your body is going through many changes and massage can help prepare your body for birth. There is an abundance of evidence which supports the benefits of pregnancy massage.

  • Helps relieve stress and releases muscular tension.
  • Helps to avoid constipation & haemorrhoids.
  • Reduces oedema by lymphatic drainage.
  • Helps to avoid varicose veins.
  • Induces deep relaxation and peaceful sleep.
  • Can help the respiratory system and aid breathing during pregnancy and birth
  • Stimulates the circulation, providing essential nutrients to you and the baby.
  • Help with PGP, SPD and back pain.



“I thoroughly enjoyed my massage at Bump to Beyond, she listened to my request and spent extra time on the areas where I had some tensions. The pregnancy pillow that allows your bump to fit in and therefore being able to lie on your front was perfect and I was that comfortable that I fell asleep at some point. I recommend it to any pregnant ladies.
Severine Burger 

Women’s Wellness Massage

Come and relax with us and enjoy 30 or 60 minutes of YOU TIME. Do you feel like your muscles constantly ache? Do you want to relieve some stress? Are you wanting to make yourself a priority?  Let us look after YOU. We tailor this massage to wherever you are in your journey of womanhood. We can tailor it from a relaxation massage to relieve work stresses, to a massage for post-partum ladies, all the way through to managing the transition into a woman’s journey into menopause. Whatever your need, whenever you are in your journey, our experienced physio team will tailor this relaxation massage to you.



Sports /Physio Massage

Are  you are suffering with day-to-day problems such as repetitive strain, back pain, muscle imbalances from work, training or from carrying and lifting your baby? We can help. Sports massages are performed by our physio’s and they combine massage and physio techniques to provides you with an experience that will educate you on your own body and leave you feeling amazing! We can also provide you with advice and exercise to help treat that problem or pain. 



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Last week I had a sports massage with Beth as part of my rehab package and it was incredible. I have had a number of sports massages over the years but this was the best I have ever had. She worked every sore spot until it eased and I am already looking forward to the next one.❤️

Stephanie Hinton

I had an absolutely fantastic  pregnancy massage. So relaxing and pure bliss. Deborah was friendly, professional and extremely knowledgeable. She made sure I was comfortable and happy at all times. I can’t recommend her and the treatments highly enough. A must for all you pregnant ladies, you’ll love it ❤️

Sarah Jayne Hall