We have a wide variety of physio and wellness services for our established Mums. From our back MOT to our monthly massage options. Have a break from looking after everyone and let us look after you for a change! 

  • Back MOT
  • Mindfulness for Mums online course
  • Healthy HIIT, Mama-fit and mixed ability Pilates
  • Massage therapy
  • Physiotherapy for those aches and pains
  • Community support facebook group

Mummy Services

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Back MOT

Mindfulness Courses

Pilates, Yoga & HIIT

Massage Packages

Mum’s Membership

To help make things just a little bit easier for our ladies, we offer membership packages for Existing Mums. Included in each package is access to a range of physiotherapy services, live and pre-recorded exercise classes, specialist monthly classes, access to experienced women’s health physiotherapists, advice and education, discounted massages, and access to a super supportive community of mums and mums-to-be.