Mummy MOT

What is the Mummy MOT?

The Mummy MOT® is a check up that can be performed from 6 weeks to 6 years post-natally. The MOTs at Bump to Beyond are UNIQUE as they are performed by experienced Specialist Women’s Health Physiotherapists.

After having a baby most women will encounter some weakness in their pelvic floor and/or tummy muscles which can result in back pain, pelvic pain, bladder and/or bowel weakness. This may leave you with many questions like what exercise is safe to return to? Will I ever feel normal again? Why do I wet myself? Why do I still look pregnant? 

During an MOT we will give you the answers you are looking for.

We will check for;

  • tummy gap
  • pelvic floor dysfunction
  • back/pelvis
  • Scar check
  • Breathing
  • post-natal pain 
“I started going while I was pregnant and after delivery with a complex 2nd degree tear. I went with a list of problems from incontinence to back pain and ‘boudoir’ issues. My physio was fantastic at her job and really understood pre and postnatal care. I am now functioning back to my normal self. Women should never feel ashamed of what seems to be common postnatal issues and if you are suffering after birth – I recommend that you have a MOT. I can now physically face my job as an A&E doctor.

Dr Shama Khan

“Just completed my Mummy MOT programme. Was amazed at the problems Deb found, that I would never have been aware of. So pleased with the results, all back pain and stomach twinges gone. Deb is really welcoming and reassuring- would definitely recommend the programme”.

Sara Griffith

What is the Mummy MOT?

  • 1-hour post-natal assessment with a Specialist Women’s Health Physiotherapist
  • Checks Pelvic Floor Strength and Tummy gap
  • Assesses any physical problems arising from pregnancy and birth
  • Recommends a bespoke postnatal recovery programme, looking at Posture, Breathing and core activation.
  • A report (on the day) of all the findings for you to keep with the option of the GP being made aware of any problems
  • Mummy MOT’s are available at Sale (M33) and Rochdale (OL12)