Pregnancy Yoga & Pilates

About Pregnancy Pilates & Yoga

At Bump to Beyond we recognise that some women will want to continue exercising throughout their pregnancy, but may struggle with strenuous exercise. What’s more, it can be difficult as a newly pregnant woman to know what level of exercise is safe.
Our pregnancy yoga & Pilates sessions are designed for women who want to maintain a safe level of fitness throughout their pregnancies, and are led by our specialist women’s health physiotherapists.

We offer an online 6-week physio-led pregnancy Pilates course and regular pre-recorded pregnancy yoga & Pilates sessions to keep you active and connected to your body as it changes throughout pregnancy. These sessions also open up the opportunity for you to connect with your baby and practice controlled breathing before the birth.

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Why should you join our Pregnancy Yoga & Pilates Membership plan?

There’s more than one reason to join our pregnancy yoga classes. Don’t hesitate to sign up and get involved today by clicking on the sign up link or give us a call to find out more. 

New Content Uploaded Monthly

By joining our Pilates membership program, you can enjoy new content monthly to help build strength and stability throughout your pregnancy.

6 Week Online Course

By joining you will have immediate access to a 6-week physio led pregnancy Pilates course and pregnancy yoga with guided meditations.

Variety of Classes

At Bump to Beyond we have a variety of classes for all experience levels, each aimed at women going through pregnancy. We’re sure to keep your journey interesting and accessible.

Who is Pregnancy Yoga & Pilates For?

Our Bump to Beyond pregnancy yoga & Pilates sessions are suitable for women of all skill levels, and do not require any specialist equipment. With the support of our specialist women’s health professionals, you are in safe hands to explore the flexibility and strength of your body during pregnancy.

Typically, it is recommended that you should wait until you are at least 12 weeks pregnant before engaging in a yoga or Pilates session. This allows you enough time to have your first scan and determine the health of the baby before taking on any additional exercise. We would also suggest checking with your consultant if there are any reasons why you should not be taking part in these sessions, just to be on the safe side.


    At Bump To Beyond, our expert team will do everything we can to help you deal with post-natal pregnancy issues to restore you back to your full health.

    Beth, Women’s Health Physiotherapist & Pilates Teacher

    How Can I Book a Pregnancy Yoga & Pilates Appointment?

    By joining Bump to Beyond’s pregnancy yoga & Pilates membership, you will have immediate access to a 6-week physio led pregnancy Pilates course and pregnancy yoga, a library of pre-recorded classes, and guided meditations, plus monthly specials to help build strength and stability throughout your pregnancy.

    Don’t hesitate to sign up and get involved today by clicking on the sign up link, or giving us a call on 07802517366.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Unsure about how our Pregnancy Yoga & Pilates classes work? View our Frequently asked questions below or contact us on 07802517366.

    How Can Pregnancy Yoga & Pilates Help?

    During pregnancy, your body goes through an array of changes that can be quite overwhelming, especially if it is your first pregnancy and you don’t know what to expect. Pregnancy yoga & Pilates can help you to feel emotionally connected to your pregnancy and learn to be more mentally strong with the challenges ahead.

    Yoga provides you with the opportunity to build both strength and flexibility in your body, with the help of our specialist women’s health professionals. Meanwhile, Pilates helps to focus on the strength of core muscles which can be useful when adapting to carrying the extra weight of your baby. The main physical benefits of these sessions include reduced aches and pains, and improved sleep quality.

    What’s more, pregnancy yoga & Pilates can also support you in learning important breathing techniques, meditation practices and to the signals that your body is sending to you. These are all extremely valuable skills to have as a pregnant woman because they can guide you through the intensity of labour.

    What to Expect From Your Pregnancy Yoga & Pilates Session

    Bump to Beyond’s pregnancy yoga & Pilates sessions are available as pre-recorded sessions which can be accessed at any time to suit you. Every month there will be a new session to keep your body engaged through strength and breathing exercises.

    The pregnancy sessions are not too strenuous and largely focus on breathing, movement and meditation to help you feel relaxed and connected to your baby. Often our pregnancy yoga and Pilates sessions can include simple movements and stretches that can still provide benefits whilst being safe for pregnant women to take part in. Alternatively, if you are looking for something more strenuous our live classes pick up the pace and using our specialist physio knowledge are often tailored to be suitable and safe for those that are pregnant.

    Some basic pilates equipment is required for Bump to Beyond’s pregnancy yoga & Pilates sessions, but don’t worry if you don’t have them, we will give you alternatives. We do recommend wearing comfortable, loose clothing for the sessions to allow for the best range of motion and ultimately your enjoyment.

    Does Pilates Help with Giving Birth?

    Pilates can help to build strength in the core, which can be beneficial when learning to cope with body shape and weight changes, and the strength needed to ‘push’ during labour. Core strength can also help in preventing issues after pregnancy, such as diastasis recti. Pilates can also help with breathing exercises that are useful for giving birth, as they help women when dealing with painful contractions. 

    Studies show that Pilates can significantly improve the blood pressure, hamstring flexibility, and spinal curvature of women during pregnancy. The study found that Pilates also provided additional benefits to labour such as a reduced need for pain relief. 

    To get involved with a Pilates session, sign up to our pregnancy yoga & Pilates membership below. 

    Is Yoga Safe to Do When Pregnant?

    Yoga is safe to do when you are pregnant, as long as you feel you have the strength and ability to handle the movements and stretches. Our specialist women’s health professionals run all of our pregnancy yoga & Pilates sessions, so if you need advice on how to safely approach a position you can ask. 

    What’s more, Bump to Beyond’s pregnancy yoga & Pilates sessions are organised from a specialist women’s health physiotherapist. This means that you can be confident that you will never be encouraged to part-take in an activity that is too strenuous or unsafe for you or your baby. 

    To get involved in Pilates sessions run by specialist women’s health professionals, sign up to our pregnancy yoga & Pilates membership today.