Scar Therapy

Suitable for C-section scars 

Scar therapy at Bump to Beyond 

Scar therapy massage uses advanced techniques of massage, soft tissue therapy, myofascial release and instrument assisted massage therapy to aid release of the adhesions that build up around and under your scar. We target not only the scar but all the abdomen, back, hips and diaphragm allowing you to more freely and feel less restricted within your movement patterns. In addition, we work on correcting your breathing pattern, reconnecting your core and allowing optimal pelvic floor function.

What will my sessions entail?

  • Discussion regarding scar impact and your recovery
  • Full scar assessment with your women’s health physiotherapist
  • Tummy gap check
  • Breathing assessment and correction
  • Assessment and treatment of problematic areas
  • Introduction to instrument assisted massage
  • Homework set for in-between sessions
  • Tools to manage the scar for life

All abdominal scars have the potential to cause dysfunction in the body. The surgery, although necessary may have left us with unwanted side effects.

  • Inability to touch or look at the scar
  • Feeling restricted or stuck
  • Loss of full movement
  • Have a scar overhang
  • Experiencing pain with movement
  • Unhappy with the visual look of your abdomen




Before and after picture of a client after 1 x 60 minute treatment.

After only two sessions of scar massage I could see and feel a dramatic difference in not only how much flatter my stomach felt but the increased sensation and feeling above the scar. I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone who is looking to improve the appearance of their stomach whilst receiving amazing guidance, support and expertise on their postpartum journey”. Sarah Riley December 2020


Initial assessment appointment– 60 minutes £65

Follow on sessions- 60 minutes £65 or £45 for 30 minutes

Block of 6 sessions 60 minutes sessions = £330 (saving £10 per session)

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A minimum of 3 to 6 sessions are advised to see the best results. 

Scar therapy is a journey, it can take time for results, but the wait is worth it, and your body WILL be thankful.