C-Section Scar Massage Therapy

Scar Therapy in Manchester

Scar therapy will get you looking, moving and feeling like you again.It is recommended for all ladies that have a scar through a form of abdominal surgery, for example a cesarean section or a hysterectomy. It is very important you learn how to manage your scar to prevent future problems.

Scar therapy massage uses advanced techniques of massage, soft tissue therapy, myofascial release and instrument assisted massage therapy to aid release of the adhesions that build up around and under your scar. We target not only the scar but all the abdomen, back, hips and diaphragm allowing you to more freely and feel less restricted within your movement patterns. In addition, we work on correcting your breathing pattern, reconnecting your core and allowing optimal pelvic floor function.

A minimum of 3 to 6 sessions are advised to see the best results. Scar therapy is a journey, it can take time for results, but the wait is worth it, and your body WILL be thankful.

What Will My Scar Therapy Sessions Entail?

Your scar therapy initial assessment and treatment sessions will cover the following: –

  • Discussion regarding scar impact and your recovery
  • Full scar assessment with your women’s health professional
  • Breathing assessment and correction
  • Assessment and treatment of problematic areas
  • Introduction to instrument assisted massage
  • Homework set for in-between sessions
  • Tools to manage the scar for life
  • Before and after pictures to monitor your progress

Why Choose Us?

  • We offer the latest technology and treatments, making us unique to other clinics or NHS services.
  • From our women’s health massage therapists to our senior specialist physios’, we are all trained by the best women’s health experts in the world.
  • We strive to make a difference and to  help our ladies achieve their post-natal goals

Mummy MOT

As part of the Mummy MOT, the ultimate post-natal physiotherapy assessment,  we will assess your scar and much more! If you have had a baby and are still struggling with post- natal concerns even many years later…then the Mummy MOT is for you. 

Postnatal Membership Package

Looking for online pilates and yoga to fit around you and your baby, run by specialist women’s health physiotherapists? Then postnatal membership is for you. Gain immediate access to safe and convenient post-natal exercise classes, feel strong and confident again.

At Bump To Beyond, our expert team will do everything we can to help you deal with the pain associated with pregnancy, whilst making the experience as comfortable and stress free as possible.

Deborah Schofield, Owner & Lead Physio

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Initial scar massage therapy appointment– 60 minutes £65

Follow on sessions- 60 minutes £65/£45 for 30 minutes

Block of 6 sessions 60 minutes sessions £330 (saving £10 per 60 min session)