Bump Strength


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A physio-led exercise class to target those areas that need that extra TLC in Pregnancy

  • Increase your stamina to be birth strong
  • Glute strengthening
  • Pelvic floor- learn when to strengthen and when to release
  • Targeted back exercises- to ease those aching backs
  • Strengthen legs and arms to cope with demands of being a mummy
  • Build up your endurance
  • Relaxation element at the end of each session
  • Suitable/adapted for those with PGP and lower back pain

Max of 10 per Class

Natal Strong (Online)

4 x weekly classes to use and re-use

4 session online
video course

Have you been meaning to get to a class but you are worried about the baby crying, or are you just struggling with the dates and times that work for you? Then this is the solution.

A physio-led low impact exercise class in the convenience of your own home to target those areas that need some post -natal love

  • Restore the core
  • Functional targeted pelvic floor exercises ‘no-more oops moments’
  • Focus on tums ‘wobbly bits goodbye’
  • Build up the booty ‘glute work’
  • Strengthen arms and legs ‘to help with all that carrying’
  • Tight muscle release work ‘for aching backs and necks’
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1-2-1 Pilates

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Physio-led Pilates

  • Complete Beginner
  • Prolapse/PGP/Tummy gaps
  • Lower back pain
  • Chronic pain
  • Health Conditions requiring close attention
  • Injury
  • Need more specialist care
  • Want a tailored programme to suit your needs

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