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Pelviva is a unique product – a single use, disposable intra-vaginal medical device, made from soft compressible foam. Each Pelviva contains a microprocessor which delivers an innovative, patented neuromuscular electrical stimulation treatment programme to train and strengthen the Pelvic Floor muscles. It is clinically proven to treat female urinary incontinence in the comfort of your own home.

One in three women suffer from bladder leakage¹ (two out of three over 40²) so ideally you should be doing your pelvic floor exercises 3 times a day! This is where Pelviva can help to build strength which can help improve bladder leakage. In a market research study, 80% of women who tried Pelviva for three weeks (9 Pelviva) reported improvements in bladder symptoms including longer time between loo breaks, better sleep and renewed confidence³.

Important note: Before making the decision and deciding whether Pelviva is right for you, you should read all the safety information at and then book for a free 15 minute consultation below and/or a pelvic floor ‘initial physiotherapy’ muscle examination (see our book online section above).  

If Pelviva is right for you then as a Pelviva Affiliate we can offer you special discounts on all pelviva packages.

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References; 1 Hunskar et al 2004, 2 Study of 2000 women over the age of 40 2019 PEL MKT RES 02, 3 Market Research of 30 women kirk research 2019.

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