Mummy MOT Online Rehab

What is Included in Mummy MOT Online Rehab?

  • 12 weeks of online rehabilitation to do at your own convience in your own home
  • Goal setting and accountability guides
  • Video guides on diastasis recti massage, scar therapy and posture exercises
  • Video guide on reconnection, breath, core & pelvic floor
  • Core restore exercises- Level 1 to 6- PDF and video guides
  • Reconnect, Re-align and Restore video exercises series- Level 1-6
  • Mindfulness and meditation
  • Your bodies suitability to return to high impact activities- assessment guide

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Who is the Mummy MOT Online Rehab For?

The Mummy MOT Online Rehab is ideally started after you have had a Mummy MOT assessment and your Physio has fully assessed you. However it is also suitable  for those ladies that can’t get to us in clinic or as an addition to support your Mummy MOT in person packages. It is suitable for for women who are at least 6 weeks postpartum and can also be beneficial for women who are up to 6 years postpartum. Our Mummy MOT  online rehab is ideal for women who need a little support with their postnatal recovery, and helps them to get back to their best. Whether you are struggling to regain control over your pelvic floor, or your C- section scar tissue is painful, tight, creating an overhang or taking longer than expected to heal, our online rehab is here to support you in your recovery and get you back to a healthy body and mind. Online rehab works best when supported by your women’s health physiotherapist.

6 Weeks to 6 Years Postpartum

Online rehab is a 12 week programme with our senior specialist and clinic lead physio Deborah Schofield.

Post Pregnancy Support

Our Mummy MOT rehab helps you to get back to your best and returns you to the sport you love, safely. 

Support for Various Issues

Whether you are struggling to regain control over your bladder or bowel, have a weak core, our experts can help return your body and mind to full health.

Mummy MOT In Person Packages

After going through childbirth, your postnatal recovery should be one of your highest priorities alongside your baby. Our Mummy MOT service is here to help women recover safely from the physical strain experienced during labour and birth. Our range of postnatal physiotherapy packages will be discussed with you at your Mummy MOT. 

If you are struggling with your postnatal recovery, get in touch today to learn about how our Mummy MOT service can help you.

How to Book a Mummy MOT Appointment

If you’re interested in our Mummy MOT service and think it’s the right solution for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch today. Simply click on the book now link or, alternatively, give our friendly team a call to start your journey with Bump to Beyond. Simply click on the book now link ,or give us a call on 07802517366.